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Name: Mike
E-mail: mike at
Instrument: Lead guitar/vocals
Gear: '99 Gibson Historic Les Paul Jr., Splawn-modded Marshall 100 watt Super Lead, '90s Orange 4x12 cab
Interests: reading/writing, music, collecting records and guitars, pop culture, journalism, baseball

Name: Scottie
E-mail: scottie at
Instrument: Bass/vocals
Gear: Gibson Grabber bass, GK 1000RB head, Ampeg 8x10 cab
Interests: Pornography, drugs, alcoholism, anthropology

Name: Jon
E-mail: jon at
Instrument: guitar
Gear: Late '70s Gibson "The Paul" Firebrand, Marshall 100 watt JMP MKII head, Fender 4x12 cab
Interests: forthcoming

Name: Carl
Instrument: Drums
Gear: Tama Rockstar kit, other stuff that rules
Interests: cars and girls, cars and girls...and metal and rock.