Update: 11/08/16

It's been 10 years since this page was updated. Why not now? Might as well.

You probably haven't heard this unless you're on all the Facebooks, but at the constant "suggestion" (read: relentless prodding/pestering/"dudes, come on") of the Melody Inn's Dave Brown, The Retreads have decided to put suburban life on hold for a moment and celebrate the band's 21st birthday. So for at least one night, the band will be alive and electric again. Beyond that, who knows?

The date of the show is Friday, December 16th, the time is 9 p.m., the cost is $8 in advance or $10 day-of. You can get advanced tickets at the Melody Inn. Yes, it's 21+, but hell, if the band itself is celebrating 21 years as an enterprise, odds are you aren't any spring chicken yourself, bub. Our old friends The Give-Ups are coming over to party from Dayton, then Scottie's band The Webcamz (Webcam Teenz) and Mike's band Cocaine Wolves are also serving opening volleys. If you wanna go, I'd suggest getting advanced tickets. If there's an online purchasing option, I'll update it here.

We'll have limited quantities of old merch on the off chance you wore out your copies of "Highway To Helsinki" and "Muncie Meat," of you need a size XL logo t-shirt that smells like the lawnmower they were sitting next to in my folks' garage. Hope that you can join us at the Melody Inn, and we'll let you know if we make any noise beyond that. Who knows. I can say that, for myself at least, I'm really looking forward to hanging out with Scottie and Jon and Carl and Matt again, all in one room, all at one time. It's gonna be fun.

Hey, we're old,



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