From "Highway To Helsinki" CD

"Blue Ribbon Rock"

From "Muncie Meat"

"Blown Out"
"Retreads Rock"

And for a limited time, the "Highway To Helsinki" demo sessions

"Nothin' Wrong With Me"
"Too Much Junk"
"Just Another Junkie"
"Boys Gone Wild"
"We've Arrived (Take One)"
"We've Arrived (Take Two)"
"Don't Need You"
"Kids Wanna Rock (Take One)"
"I Quit"
"Highway To Helsinki"
"Doin' It For The Dudes"
"No Tomorrow"
"Blue Ribbon Rock"
"Hello Again"
"Kids Wanna Rock (Take Two)"
"Retreads Vs. Sunn 00)))"

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More free Retreads music can be found at our page, located at There are two songs from the new EP "Muncie Meat" as well as two classics from "Helsinki!"

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