$5 - The newest Retreads recording, limited to 100 copies EP dubbed "Muncie Meat." Recorded by Jim Kuczkowski (Problematics, Zodiac Killers, Chinese Millionaires, etc.), the EP features 6 songs exclusive to this release. An excellent final chapter in the Retreads story. First run OOP, now available as a limited "Mike might burn you a copy" CDR.

  $10 - The last Retreads full-length recording, the Gulcher edition of the soon-to-be-smash hit new album aptly dubbed "Highway To Helsinki." 12 songs, killer production, nothing but hits. You can't go wrong.

  $5 - "Uranus Is Mine" EP, available on CD. Recorded in 2000, this EP shows more mature songwriting on immature subjects. Features "Woe Is Me" from "My So-Called Punk Rock Life" comp. Limited run on Cock Hunter Records, nearly out of print. A few copies left, get it while you can.


Payment Information:

E-mail Mike for more info on what is leftover and available at mikeschull at gmail dot com. Paypal or cash is accepted for what is still in print; again, please e-mail an inquiry. Having the Paypal links here brought a couple unexpected orders for stuff that is long gone, sorry. (Updated November 2014)

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